Learn to cook Teriyaki Beef with Brooke Stratton and Kylie Andrew

Did you know Teriyaki refers to the cooking method rather than the sauce?

In this episode of Tastes for Tokyo, VIS Olympian, Brooke Stratton prepares Teriyaki Beef with Dietitian Kylie Andrew.

In the word 'Teriyaki,' “Teri” means lustre or glossy and “yaki” means to grill or broil. This dates way back to the 17th century.

To make a teriyaki dish, ingredients are marinated or blasted by teriyaki sauce (a mix of soy sauce, sake, sugar & ginger), which brings the shiny look to the ingredients. 

Brooke Stratton cooked teriyaki beef and bean which would be ideal for when she had a lower intensity training session but still requires protein for recovery.

Stratton is coeliac, so this recipe ticked the boxes being gluten free (although it was essential that a gluten free soy sauce was used!). 

The teriyaki beef is a good source of protein that will assist in rebuilding her muscle cells after her training sessions.

When Brooke has a heavier training load, she would be able to team up her beef and beans with some rice to meet her recovery requirements from carbohydrate post session. 

 Click HERE for the Recipe 

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