Tastes for Tokyo | Japanese Etiquette

As part of our Taste for Tokyo series, VIS Nutrition put together some tips about Japanese food etiquette and table manners.

- never raise food above your mouth. Your mouth is the highest point your chopsticks should reach.

- never rest your chopsticks on your bowl. Use the chopstick rest.

- place chopsticks down when not in use. Avoid waving them around when talking.

- don’t stab food with your chopsticks. 

- never leave chopsticks standing up in your bowl. This resembles an offering made at funerals.

- avoid putting chopsticks in your mouth, and sucking them. They should be used to pass food to your mouth.

- it’s bad manners to use your hand to catch falling food. Just let it fall.

- when eating miso, use your chopsticks to eat any solid food  from the broth, then bring the bowl to your mouth and drink the broth like you would a cup of tea.

- when eating food from small bowls it is acceptable to pick the bowl up and hold it close to your mouth. However large dishes should not be picked up.

- sushi pieces are meant to be eaten in one bite, not nibbled at.

- soy sauce should be poured in the small dish provided, not over your food.



Stay tuned for more tips and recipes related to Japanese food!

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