Aoife Coughlan


There's no magic potion, just hard work, consistency and structure

Personal Details

Home town:


Occupation / Area of Study / Work:

Exercise Science

Hero / Most Admired Athlete:

Maria Pekli

Date of birth:

13 October 1995

Sporting Details

Event(s) / Discipline:

–70 kg

Home Club:

Resilience Training Centre


Dan Kelly

Olympic / Paralympic History:

2020, Tokyo Olympic Games

Commonwealth Games History:

2022, Birmingham Commonwealth Games, Gold

World Championships History:

2021, World Championships, 7th place

Sporting Highlights:

2023, Portugal Grand Prix, 1st place

2022, Commonwealth Games, 1st place

2022 Tokyo grand slam, 2nd place

2021, World Masters, 5th place

2021, World Championships, 7th place

2019/2021/2022, Continental Championships, 3rd place 

Top 16 at Tokyo Olympic games

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