Tim Logan


Tired is only in the mind. You tell yourself you're tired, you're going to be tired.

Personal Details

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Hero / Most Admired Athlete:

Jaryd Clifford

Date of birth:

29 April 1996

Sporting Details

Event(s) / Discipline:

Marathon (Guide)

Home Club:

Diamond Valley


Guide for Jaryd Clifford

Olympic / Paralympic History:

2020, Tokyo Paralympics (Jaryd Clifford GUIDE) - Silver, Marathon 

Sporting Highlights:

Accompanying middle-distance runner Jaryd Clifford on his rise to world No. 1 is best mate and newly appointed guide Tim Logan.

Tim and Jaryd have known one another for a little over a decade, and have been training together for nearly as long. Tim was there when Jaryd was training for his first World Championships and his first Paralympic Games, and now, as Jaryd’s sight deteriorates, Tim will be there as his guide. They have been running together for so long, that they already take the same strides. It is a natural fit.

For Jaryd, the transition from running on his own to running tethered to Tim, has been far easier than it would have been otherwise. He is enjoying some of the best results of his career to date – most notably, gold in the men’s 5000m T13 at the 2019 World Para-athletics Championships in Dubai, UAE.

Tim shared the role of guide with Philo Saunders, who also coaches the duo, with both running just over six laps each. Tim had the honour of closing it out, in a moment which will stay with him for the rest of his career – Paralympic or otherwise.

While Tim is ultimately aiming to achieve a place on an Olympic or World Championships team of his own, the experience he will gain as Jaryd’s guide over the coming months, and training alongside some of the most professional Para-athletes in the world, is exactly the kind of experience which will distinguish him from his competitors when it comes time to go out on his own.

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