VIS Scholarship Programs

The VIS awards scholarships to talented Victorian athletes on an annual basis. VIS scholarships provide athletes with access to advanced coaching, sport science and sports medicine services, career and education advice, and training and competition support. There are three scholarship “programs" available: Tier 1, Individual (which includes elite athletes with a disability) and Future Talent.

Tier 1 Sports & Scholarship Program

Athletes with a Tier 1 scholarship compete in sports which have a VIS Tier 1 sports program.  Eligible athletes are offered annual scholarships on the basis of recommendations from their sport and have access to all program services.

The current Tier 1 sports are aerial skiing, athletics, cycling, diving, golf, hockey, netball, rowing, sailing, shooting and swimming.

Tier 1 programs are conducted in conjunction with the State and National sporting bodies and are coordinated by a full time Head Coach or Program Manager.

Individual Athlete Scholarship Program

Athletes with an Individual Scholarship, which includes elite athletes with a disability*, compete in sports which do not have a VIS Tier 1 sports program (*the exceptions are athletics, cycling and swimming EAD athletes who are fully integrated into their respective Tier 1 programs). 

The VIS is aligned with Australia’s Winning Edge high performance sport strategy with athletes nominated for individual scholarships by their national sporting body based on the following criteria:

Successful VIS athletes with an Individual Scholarship come from a wide range of sports which may change every year, such as badminton, BMX, boxing, fencing, judo, lawn bowls, snowboarding, table tennis, taekwondo, and many more.

Successful EAD VIS athletes with an Individual Scholarship come from sports including wheelchair basketball, rugby and tennis, shooting, skiing, table tennis, and water skiing.

Nominated athletes must be an Australian citizen (or those who have taken steps to become a citizen) and normally a resident of the State of Victoria.

Scholarships generally run from 1 July through to June 30.

AIS AWE categorisation of sports and athletes:

Future Talent Program

Future Talent scholarships are for talented athletes who show outstanding potential for future success but are not yet eligible for a full VIS scholarship due to their age or selection criteria restrictions; once identified they are provided with VIS support services to “fast track” their development

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