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Nutrition | Smart Eating Week

Monday, 10 February 2020

This week is Smart Eating Week, which provides a great opportunity for us to stop for a moment and reflect on our diet and identify areas for improvement.  

For instance are you eating enough vegetables, meeting the target for fruit intake, getting enough grains, or ticking the dairy foods box?

To see how your diet stacks up, take the University of Newcastle Healthy Eating Quiz.

[ Photo Credit: Healthy Eating Quiz ]

Once completed, you will receive an overall diet score as well as a breakdown across the various food groups, where you can see what areas need work and where you excel, as well as showing how you compare to the average person in your age group. 

Plus, if there are areas you need to work on, there’s a whole bunch of tips to help you out.  

Why not set yourself a goal to beat your score in 6 months’ time by making some dietary improvements.

Click the following link to take the quiz


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