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Nutrition Tip | Sushi

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

When we think of Japanese food we often think of sushi.

Sushi originated a very long time ago in China as a means of preserving fish by fermenting it with rice and salt, after which the rice was discarded and not eaten.  When the dish was introduced to Japan they took the concept further and started to eat the fish with the rice.

They also started seasoning the rice with vinegar which allowed it to be edible straight away rather than waiting months.

Further development in the 19th century lead to placing fresh fish on top of seasoned rice, which we now call “‘nigiri sushi’ or finger sushi. With the intention of this being a snack or quick bite to eat on the go.

Now in the current time of eating sushi, it has developed to the next level of artful dining experience with influences from Westernised cultures. There are many fusion options available for the traditional sushi roll, like the Californian rolls that we can buy or make ourselves and enjoy.


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