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Nutrition Tip | Performance Enhancing Aid

Monday, 15 April 2019

Have you heard about bicarb as a performance enhancing aid?

And no, we aren’t talking fancy supplements, just your standard kitchen bicarb soda.  It’s been a hot topic for the past few years in how it is proposed to assist continuous sports lasting 1-7min. The consumption of sodium bicarbonate increases the blood concentrations of bicarb, acting like a buffer for hydrogen ions. 

Why is this interesting?

Hydrogen ions accumulate in sports that experience that feeling of lactic acid, that really intense fatigue that slows down what you’re doing.  So if these hydrogen ions can be buffered and moved on quickly, the theory is you don’t have the same intense fatigue.

If this sounds interesting, reach out to a sports dietitian who can assist you in the process of exploring whether this would help your sporting goals and work out a protocol for you.



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