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Nutrition Tip | Nutrition in injury

Monday, 03 December 2018

A relatively new area of sports nutrition practice is nutrition strategies to support rehab from injury. 

Nutrition in injury means much more than restricting the athletes energy intake to manage their weight, so they don’t “blow out”.  In fact, energy needs may be increased during the healing process due to inflammation and stress on the body. And if you are on crutches, this can increase expenditure too, more than walking without crutches.

There are also a number of other nutrition strategies that should be considered, including adequate and regular intake of protein to reduce muscle wastage, creatine to help maintain lean mass, omega 3’s and various anti-oxidants to assist with inflammation, gelatin for tendon and ligament injuries, and adequate calcium and vitamin D for bone injuries.

Next time you get an injury, make an appointment to see your Sports Dietitian for further advice on how to manage your diet and incorporate some of these strategies.


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