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Nutrition Tip | Let the festive season begin!

Monday, 10 December 2018

The festive period is well and truly upon us. It’s a wonderful time of year for spending time with family, friends and colleagues, celebrating all that we have achieved this year.  When it comes to food and eating, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to develop our intuitive eating skills.

Intuitive eating is bringing our attention back to our internalised body cues, what’s going on for our unique bodies.  Rather than having set portions and saying no to food we desire, intuitive eating is listening to our hunger cues, finding satisfaction, respecting fullness and challenging strict food rules.

This festive period, start to develop your intuitive eating skills. Think;

Am I actually enjoying this food?

Can I detect subtle fullness cues?

What am I enjoying about this food?

What foods do I need right now to nourish my body?

Stay tuned next week to look more closely at some of the principles of intuitive eating.


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