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Nutrition Tip | World Mental Health Week

Monday, 08 October 2018

This week marks World Mental Health Week and highlights the importance of checking in with one another and thinking beyond physical health.

 Nutrition and food are so much more than nutrients, fibre and protein.  Just like health being so much more beyond just physical health.  According to the World Health Organisation; health is all parts social, emotional and physical. Food can be a way to create social and emotional health, not just physical wellbeing.

Here are some ideas of how food and nutrition can be used to check in with a friend or colleague’s mental health this week and beyond:

- Offer a cup of tea to someone who needs to chat

- Take some time away from your desk to eat lunch in the sunshine

- Check in when you’re hungry to fuel your body

- Have dinner away from screens to invite conversation

- Enjoy a food you love by bringing attention to the senses and eat mindfully


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