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Reality Check | Lydia sent packing, whilst Girls keep finishing second.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Here’s a quick update on how our former VIS scholarship holders, Lydia Lassila (Survivor) and Bianca & Carla (The Block), are going in their respective reality TV programs.

Lydia Lassila | Survivor

Unfortunately, our very own Lydia Lassila has been sent packing from Survivor. Evicted by the tribe when they merged on Tuesday night. Lassila was blindsided due to being too big a threat in challenges, clearly stronger and fitter then just about everyone in Survivor the tribe saw their opportunity to send her home and took it.

Loved by all of her ‘Champion’ tribe members, her departure was a shock. Catch her departure interview here.

Bianca & Carla | The Block

Since our last ‘Reality Check’ update, former VIS athletes; Bianca & Carla have won ‘Best Guest Bedroom’ with a score of 26/30. However, the pair have come runner up on two occasions by less than a point in both their Master Ensuite Bathroom design and Living and Dining areas.

To follow the progress of Bianca & Carla tune into Channel 9 on Sunday 7.00pm and Monday-Wednesday 7.30pm.

Check out their creations here.

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Living & Dining  

Master Ensuite

Family Bathroom


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