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Nutrition Tip | How much Iron do we need?

Monday, 10 September 2018

Last week we discussed the importance of iron in our diet and this week we will take a closer look at how much we need and how we go about getting that.

So how much do we actually need?

Most women need ~18mg every day

Most men need ~ 8mg every day

Keep in mind very active people need ~1.5 times this.  How does this translate into food sources?

100g of beef or kangaroo = ~3.5mg

100g tofu* = ~3.5mg

100g salmon = ~1.5mg

1 cup of chickpeas* = ~3mg

1 cup wholemeal pasta* = ~2.5mg

1 cup spinach* = ~1.5mg

1 cup broccoli* = ~1mg

1/3 cup wholegrain cereal* = ~3mg

Handful of almonds* = ~1mg

*Enjoy with vitamin C rich foods to enhance iron absorption

Keep in mind lots of foods have iron in it which build up over the day. Consistently eating across the 5 food groups ensures these iron requirements are met.


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