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Nutrition | Snacking right

Monday, 24 September 2018

Snacking gives us extra fuel and nutrients to top up our energy stores when we are hungry. It’s also a great way to get your extra fruit, veg and dairy serves for overall health.


Here are some great snack ideas to prepare ahead and always have on hand when hunger strikes:


1. Make a fruit salad.  Pick 3 of your favourite fruits and top with some lemon to prevent browning. Add some extra passionfruit pulp, pomegranate, muesli or yoghurt for some extra pizazz.


2. Cut up vegetable sticks from carrots, capsicum, cucumber, snow peas and baby corn. Top with nutty dukkha for extra flavour or pair with homemade vegetable dips.


3. Buy a plain low fat Greek yoghurt and use it as a dip base. Add in some garlic, cucumber and lemon and you have yourself a Tzatziki. Or alternatively add in chopped and canned beetroot, cumin and lemon for vibrant beetroot dip.


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