Alex Luyckx


Courage is not the absence of fear, but the overcoming of it

Personal Details

Home town:


Occupation / Area of Study / Work:


Hero / Most Admired Athlete:

Simone Biles

Date of birth:

25 October 2002

Sporting Details

Home Club:

Cheltenham Youth Club

World Championships History:
  • Qualified and competed in the 2019 world age championships for both DMT and tramp, held in Japan.
  • Qualified and competed in the 2022 World Championships for Senior DMT/Synchro and Junior Tramp.
  • Qualified and competed in the 2022 Rimini World Cup.
Sporting Highlights:
  • Scoring a PB and coming 6th on DMT in the world age championships in 2019. Based on my performance in 2019, I was selected for the 2020 Oceania Championships to compete in my first senior competition, however, this was unable to take place.
  • In more recent events, I was selected for the 2022 senior national squad for both tramp and DMT and am currently categorised by the AIS as developing.
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