Victorian Institute of Sport


At the VIS we understand the importance of having talented, creative and loyal personnel, at every level of our organisation.

Board of Directors

The VIS Board comprises a range of experience in sport, science, media and business, with Board members who understand the complexities of elite sport and bring their own particular skills and experience to the table. 

Board Members

  • Ms Nataly Matijevic - Chair
  • Mr Michael Sayers
  • Ms Amelia Lynch
  • Ms Tina De Young
  • Ms Shelley Ware
  • Professor David Bishop
  • Ms Lisa Alexander

Our Team

The VIS staff group encompasses a broad range of experience from different sectors of the sporting industry; many staff members have joined the VIS following positions with local, interstate and international organisations. They share a knowledge, understanding and passion for elite sport and work together to optimise the development opportunities for VIS athletes.

CEO's Office

  • Chief Executive Officer - Anne Marie Harrison
  • Executive Administrator - Cathryn Pruscino

Performance Team

  • Performance Director - Dave Crosbee
  • Performance Manager (Podium) - Bill Tait
  • Performance Manager (Pathways) - Rob Leeds
  • Physical Prep & Sport Science Manager - Dr Harry Brennan
  • Data Intelligence Lead - Peter Kyffin
  • Data Scientist - Richard Little
  • Senior Performance Coordinator (Podium) - Andrew Nolen
  • Senior Performance Coordinator (Pathways) - Nerissa Turner
  • Performance Coordinator - Matthew Thompson

Coaching Staff

  • Aerial Skiing Program Manager - Rachel Johnson
  • Athletics Program Manager - Ben King
  • Cycling Track Sprint Coach - Shane Kelly OAM
  • Cycling Track Endurance Coach - Glenn O'Shea
  • Diving Head Coach - Ming Gong
  • Diving Program Manager - Belinda Kennedy 
  • Golf Head Coach - Dean Kinney
  • Men's Hockey Head Coach - Jay Stacy
  • Women's Hockey Head Coach - Stacia Strain / Tim Strapp
  • Netball Head Coach - Simone McKinnis
  • Netball Assistant Coach - Sharelle McMahon
  • Netball Development Coach - Cathy Fellows
  • Rowing Head Coach - Noel Donaldson
  • Sailing Head Coach - Malcolm Page

Performance Services & Service Providers

  • Sports Medicine Coordinator - Dr Greg Hickey
  • Doctors - Dr Patrick Sunderland, Dr Susan White
  • Lead Physiotherapist - Steve Hawkins
  • Physiotherapists - Ebonie Rio, Kate McGillivray, Josh Ferguson
  • Soft Tissue Therapists - Gillian Niven
  • Nutrition Coordinator - Kylie Andrew
  • Dietitians - Loren Chambers, Elaine Bo, Jess Rothwell
  • Physical Preparation Coaches - Ben Willey, John Tascone, Jono Wallace-Smith, Matthew Vassie, Cory Innes, Ben King, Farhan Juhari, Erin Clancy
  • Sport Scientists - Sylvie Withers, Nick Owen, Dr Rod Siegel, Jamie Bahnisch, Dr Elaine Tor, Lewis Quinn, Ana Holt
  • Performance Lifestyle Manager - Leesa Gallard
  • Performance Lifestyle Advisors - Andrea Farrow, Sara Heasly
  • Sport Psychology Coordinator - Mark Spargo
  • Facility Administrator - Salesi Uhi 

Corporate Team

  • Corporate Manager - Simon Gardam
  • Information, Communications and Technology Manager - Mark Brown
  • Information, Communications and Technology Technician – Scott Evanson
  • Business Services Coordinator - Alana Thomas 
  • Accounts Payable Officer - Elsa Kwan
  • Accounts Payable Assistant - Katie Nguyen
  • Receptionists - Mathew Gay, Melissa Tapper, Sian Whittaker, Natalie Cross, Kono Matsumoto 

Communications & Marketing Services Team

  • Communications & Marketing Manager - Ashley Gillespie (nee Carr)
  • Marketing & Community Projects Coordinator - Camilla Blands
  • Digital Media Coordinator - Chris Tetaz
  • Marketing & Community Programs Intern - Shenae Keleher