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Nutrition Tip | Menu Psychology

Monday, 26 February 2018

Menu psychology, is it preventing you from making appropriate choices when eating out for brunch?

You’re heading to brunch with a friend and you already know what you’re going to order because you’ve looked at the menu online. Upon arriving you’re handed the menu along with a few of today’s special items. Suddenly you’re salivating over todays special: Brioche French toast, poached pineapple with butterscotch sauce, chocolate custard, fresh berries and milk crumb - something you would never have ordered in the past. Forget your original order of poached eggs and avocado on multigrain toast! But why the sudden change? 

Research shows that adding a few descriptive words to dress up normal ingredients, can be very powerful in changing what you order. In the end, the dish may not be as satisfying and delicious as you had hoped and more importantly, you’ve compromised your post training recovery requirements depending on your nutritional goals. Be aware of menu psychology and make the smart choice!


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