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Nutrition Tip | Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monday, 16 October 2017

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  = EVOO

Fast Facts you need to know:

  1. EVOO is far superior to regularly branded ‘Olive Oil, Canola Oil and other vegetable oils due to processing methods, chemical stability and subsequent retention of its purest properties.
  2. EVOO contains a special phenolic compound called Oleocanthal, which acts similarly to Ibuprofen the main ingredient used in many anti-inflammatory medications.  It’s the compound that leaves a subtle burning sensation at the back of your throat.
  3. The only difference between Light, Mild or Robust branding is the flavour and types of olives used in processing.  The Robust flavour offers the highest concentration of anti-oxidants compared with mild or light flavours.
  4. Adding EVOO to your vegetables can help increase the uptake of fat - soluble vitamins and increases the anti-oxidant content of your veggies!
  5. EVOO is also suitable for frying and won’t turn carcinogenic because of its stable mono-unsaturated fatty acid structure.
  6. Good quality oil’s should not leave a fatty residue or mouthfeel, should smell fresh and be stored away from sunlight to prevent rancidity!
  7. Just 2 tablespoons each day is recommended for optimal health effects!

When selecting EVOO we recommend you buy Australian. Look for the Certified Australian EVOO trademark.


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