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Nutrition Tip | Game day strategy

Monday, 25 September 2017

Many people have asked VIS Nutrition Coordinator and Richmond Football Club Sports Dietitian, Kylie Andrew, what she fed the Richmond boys before the grand final on Saturday. 


Well to be quite honest, Kylie says it was nothing different to what they've had for the past 25 games of the season. 


As most elite athletes would be aware, routine can be critical leading into an important game, race or competition. This is no time to try new cuisines, experiment with new foods or eating patterns or eat risky foods. If you’re not experienced with spicy curries, now is not the time to try one. Likewise avoid risky foods…that milk that's a few days past the use by date or those leftovers that have been in the fridge since last week. 


Your game day nutrition strategies should all be well practiced and refined in training and practice games or events, not on the most important day of the season. Most athletes, including our players, will each know what works best for them to ensure adequate energy stores & stomach comfort...not too full, not too hungry. 


During the game is no different. Just like training diets, nutrition strategies in-game will be very individualised. Some players may get hungry during the game and will reach for a banana or sandwich to top up carbs, while others will struggle to eat solids so will rely on a sports drink like Gatorade. 


Whatever your game day strategy, be confident with what you know works. Don't second guess yourself and change your normal practice. Stick with the game plan (or nutrition plan in this case).


The Tigers were obviously well fuelled and hydrated.


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