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Marton falls to Tatur

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Carmen Marton lost 11-1 to Turkey's Nur Takar in the women's 67 kilogram category in her opening round of 16 bout.

Tatur went straight on the attack in the first round before both fighters settled into what was a cautious rhythm. 

Marton was more of the aggressor in the second round as the Turk took the middle of the mat and waited for her chance. That opportunity didn’t evolve though and the fight entered the final two-minute stanza still level at 0-0. 

It was there that Tatur took her chances. She hit Marton with a spinning kick to the body before another body kick took the score to 4-0. 

A head and body kick followed as Marton began to chase the points. Marton went on the attack and got hit by another head kick as Tatur took the 11-0 lead. 

A late penalty point got Marton on the board in the final seconds but it was Tatur that moved through to the quarter-finals. 

Marton unfortunately missed out on making it to her category's repecharge round.


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